Meet Brandi Starr

Hey there! I’m Brandi Starr; President, Brand Strategist, and Speaker of Cassius Blue Consulting. With everyone now days calling themselves a “coach” or “consultant” it is hard to know who really has the experience, wisdom, and insight to help take your business to the next level so let me give you a glimpse into my background.

My 14 years of marketing experience is in both B2B and B2C environments, I have worked in all areas of marketing including campaign strategy, digital marketing, graphic and web design, and marketing analysis. Through my business, Cassius Blue Consulting I am able to energize small business owners who are in the early stages of their business to win more customers, grow sales and build reputation. I provides my clients with the knowledge and tools they need to not only be successful but to also be profitable.

I started Cassius Blue because I am passionate about helping small business owners (especially women) to succeed. I believes that “most entrepreneurs are extraordinary at doing that ‘thing’ that they built their business around; but they lack the ‘know how’ to develop a solid strategy and to effectively market and sell their products or services. I take an action-oriented approach to help customers see real results!

What I do REALLY well:

  • Developing a Profitable Business Strategy
  • Defining Marketing Strategy & Tactics
  • Pitching & Selling Without Being Salesy
  • Finding Your Remarkable Difference (USP)
  • Marketing Automation & CRM Process Development

About Cassius Blue Consulting

Cassius Blue Consulting helps women entrepreneurs to attract their ideal clients and sell with integrity so that they can experience peace of mind and freedom from overwhelm. At the end of the day we help you design a business that you’ll love.

Vision: To be the channel through which women entrepreneurs excel, grow, and thrive giving them complete control over their time, financial freedom and ability to maximize their impact in the communities they serve.

Mission: Our mission is help clients define and attract their ideal clients, to sell with integrity, and to develop a scalable business.


  • Passion: We operate with passion and are committed to our business and our clients in both heart and mind. We focus on achieving the clients’ goals and not on our revenue.
  • Collaboration: We believe in leveraging our collective geniuses by developing strategic partnerships and lasting relationships with our clients and vendors.
  • Personalization: We don’t use a cookie-cutter approach; each business and business owner receives personalized direction and attention.
  • Long-Term Success: We help clients design a business around their owners’ interests, needs, and desires that are both sustainable and scalable.
  • Integrity: We operate with authenticity, transparency, integrity, and trust and only work with clients interested in doing the same.